The Access Control System

From the beginning, man knows that his safety and protection depend on the measures taken against criminals. Some measures that are regularly take to have protection and security deepens on the access barriers against intruders. In other times palisades, fortifications, drawbridges or similar devices were used.At present, we have a great electronic and computer development, which allows us to have sophisticated tools to prevent unauthorized or undesirable persons from entering the spaces that we need to protect, through the implementation of an access control System integrated into a Closed Circuit of Television (CCTV Camera).The characteristics of each area are what determine which are the main security solutions. Sometimes the traditional “lock” on the door will suffice. At other times, it will be essential to use more advanced means.


A good access control system must be able to generate various types of reports, always with the aim of improving and increasingly sophisticated security management. SUPERACCESS generates personnel reports, with data on their level of authorization for entry, validity, expiration dates and routes. It is also possible to obtain historical consolidations with all these variables.The access control system must be able to be combined with other security systems to offer an optimal service, a combination could be a Closed-Circuit Television System, CCTV.

A modular system

The modular systems are particularly suitable for detailed monitoring exercise. They are make up of differentiate, but interrelate units, known as “modules”. Each module performs different functions, depending on the needs of the space where they are install.Hence the talk of “versatility” in access controls. The modular system is able to adapt to the security needs of each space. It is not only an electronic instrument that serves as a barrier, but an intelligent mechanism to manage security.SUPERACCESS has different and effective modules for security management. In one of its modules, it allows to consult the information of the visitor who arrives at the reception of the company or of the joint ownership. There you determine if you have a valid authorization or not. The system produces four types of response to users who intend to enter: authorized user, unauthorized user, unregistered user and blocked user.Other modules allow controlling the access of couriers and homes, which are a dynamic and unstable factor that also requires supervision. Likewise, there is a special module to carry out access control during holidays, blocking people, reports, traffic boards, among others.

Adapting to places

It is important that the access control system is sufficiently adaptable to the different conditions of each type of building.Office buildings, which generally have high human and vehicle traffic, largely benefit from access control. An access control system with a WEB Platform will allow you to confirm at all times who is in the facilities and to carry out entry authorizations in a simple and easy way.Access controls also have application in collective housing units, such as co-ownership areas or country condominiums. One of the attributes of such properties is essentially that they offer a higher level of security. This is achieve by ensuring that those who circulate through the share spaces are authorized to do so.The same happens in free zones, shopping centers, industrial parks, warehouses, medical centers, among others. Knowing that these types of spaces tend to have restricted areas inside and, therefore, demand a more detailed control. Access controls not simply monitor general access, but also offer control over specific zones or dependencies.A special case is that of medical centers and hospitals, which require meticulous control of access and movement. The vulnerability of patients makes the control of entries and exits a critical factor, which must be addressed with the greatest security.Access controls such as SUPERACCESS can installing, without any problem, in practically all types of places. In places such as office buildings, free zones, industrial parks, medical centers, country condominiums, among others.