The Top Five Benefits of CCTV Cameras

CCTV is employed in a wealth of environments across the UK. From home to commercial monitoring, motorways and airports, closed circuit cameras are used to transmit video surveillance to a remote monitoring system. Here is a look at the principal benefits of CCTV cameras, and the reasons why they have proven to be popular across the UK.


Those that operate a retail business with a single, or chain of high street shops, are at the risk of shoplifting. This can have devastating effects on the monthly trade, the profit and loss of the business. CCTV throughout the shop acts as an effective deterrent to any criminal activity.

Protection of the Business against Lawsuits

There are always stories of individuals looking to claim false compensation for incidents and accidents that just didn’t occur. CCTV surveillance cannot be disputed. Those making a fraudulent claim will be caught out.

The Monitoring 

Employees place faith in their employees, and rightly so. However, no business or organisation operates throughout its lifetime, without encountering some human resourcing issues. Whether you’re using CCTV to protect your company assets, or are performing their duties with efficiency, monitoring employees will allow you to gage their importance to the organisation.

Public Areas and Traffic

One of the most widespread uses of CCTV is the monitoring of traffic and recording of incidents. CCTV is especially useful in hit and run accidents to identify the perpetrator. The public is aware of such surveillance, and hence it acts in the interests of public safety as a deterrent, just as it can in large congested areas like airports.

Protection of 
Customers and Employees

Business owners have a responsibility to protect the well-being of their employees and any visiting customers or business-related professionals. The primary protection is of a physical nature. Video evidence will back-up a victim’s claim of assault. Turing the video of the assault over to the relevant authorities will help bring the perpetrator to justice, or stop an incident from occurring in the first place.

Some people believe the camera is an invasion of privacy and others feel it’s a good thing to have to help prevent criminal activity.